Develop your strategy in 4 steps

Step 1: timing and phasing of engaging government


  • Formulate your main reason to engage government
  • Describe what role or contribution you want from government
  • Check whether your partnership is aligned (yet) to government goals, policies etc


Step 2: level(s) of engagement

With whom:

  • Do an analysis of relevant stakeholders to find out who is supportive or opposed to the change you propose
  • Check the track record of your potential partner according to questions mentioned


Step 3: degree of formalisation of collaboration

What if:

  • Define your main challenge now, or which challenge to expect
  • Check whether your partnership agreement includes sufficient measures to mitigate this challenge


Step 4: degree of intensity and frequency of collaboration


  • Assess what is the most important motivation or benefit of government to partner with you (apart from financial resources)
  • Check this against what you can offer as a partnership
  • If there is no match, see what else motivates government, or what more you can offer
  • Check what it takes to adapt your partnership if you were to integrate this
  • Assess whether your governance arrangements, if formalised, are ‘mutual’ enough




Relationship management with government requires flexibility with regard to:

  • Timing and phasing of engagement
  • Level(s) of engagement
  • Level of formalisation, intensity and frequency of engagement


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