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Do you know how to align your goals with government?

This might help you find out

Tips & tricks

Suggestions for further reading


This might help you find out

  • What are the policies and planning relevant to your theme, topic or aim?
  • Which institutional structures should you work with (such as a PPP unit)?
  • Which decision making powers does government have in partnerships?
  • Overall, are policies, laws and regulations conducive for your PPP?
  • How does government work in practice, beyond formal structures?
  • Is there political appeal and priority for working in partnerships?
  • How have other partnerships experienced working with government?
  • What are the interests that lie behind the ‘policy’?
  • Who takes the decisions and in which part of government?
  • What are other factors to check when aligning with government’s policies, regulations and laws?

Tips and tricks

When aligning goals with government, please check:

  • what type of agreement document is required to formalise the partnership
  • if the partnership agreement is legally binding and valid from the perspective of government
  • if the agreement is embedded in public processes (eg. budget planning, procurement law)
  • If you understand government timeframes
  • whether government understands the type of timeframes you and other partners work to
  • whether your government counterpart understands and endorses your motivations for partnering with government

The following should be clear in the agreement and acceptable to partners:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Governance structure
  • Timelines and expected milestones
  • Performance indicators
  • Financial arrangements including total partnership cost and who contributes what
  • Monitoring and evaluation procedures
  • Intellectual property rights, use of logos, liabilities etc
  • Clear standards and commitments
  • Clear monitoring and evaluation systems


Suggestions for further reading

Cross Sector Partnership Formation: what to consider before you start?, PrC 2012

Guide for developing an overview on partnership models in a country, PrC


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