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On the PPPLab

The PPPLab Food & Water is a four-year action research and joint learning and support initiative (2014-2018) to learn about the relevance, effectiveness and quality of Dutch-supported public-private partnerships (PPPs). The PPPLab is commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is implemented by a consortium of the Partnership Resource Centre (PrC) of the Erasmus University, AquaforAll (Dutch NGO), Centre for Development and Innovation (CDI) of Wageningen University, and SNV Netherlands Development Organisation. The main objective of the PPPLab is to extract knowledge and methodological lessons from all public-private partnerships (PPPs) which are being implemented under the Sustainable Water Fund (FDW).

Partnering with governments

Understanding the roles and challenges of enhanced partnership with governments, and their motivations and interests to partner, for stronger and more sustainable PPPs

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